About us-エステなら京都 烏丸御池にあるk-tecへどうぞ

  About us-エステなら京都 烏丸御池にあるk-tecへどうぞ

About us

About 3minutes walk from karasuma oike station.

K-tec is located to be easy to access.Easy to drop by when you go out for shopping or on the way home from working out.

K-tec’s characteristic mark is the big water tank that you can see out side.

This private salon is
reservation only.

This private salon is reservation only.
so you’re able to relax without caring about other person.

If you are interested, please see wall painting draw by Msr,kimura hideki.

For you beauty

K-tec staffe have a license to work as a beauty treatment technician.

So,we’d be most happy to assist your health body and heart.We going to give a treatment after counsel your each trouble.

2005 After graduation University, she work for spa salon for a year and half.
I having the qualifications of a esthetician when I met yosa for the first time.

Be fascinated by traditional Chinese medicine.
I went to Koran that I’ve been working for spa salon for half months.


I’ve been working for spa salon for two years when I’ve got  confident skills.
I gave a spa treatment about 15 people a day tops.


got married and now I have 2 boys.


Thank you for looking at K-tec.
K-tec was opened, based on our feeling that we want to make visitor healthy and more beauty of your body and heart.The face and body of each visitor is different from that of others.So we perform the suitable treatment for each visitor.The suitable treatment listen is determined by listening to and see your skin trouble and body trouble.
You’re able to relax without caring about other person because K-tec is reservation only.We’re looking forward you to visiting K-tec.

Kanako Saito






K’s building,3F Nakagyo,
Tkakura Oike Agaru,Hiragi,

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予約不可/We don't accept reservations.